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Our car transporter is 3.5ton gross weight, modern and economical having a loading area of 16ft long by 6ft 2 inches wide.
The beaver tail body is constructed from aluminium alloy making it lightweight, giving a good payload and fuel economy. We use this modern car transporter to keep running costs down so the savings get passed onto the customer, keeping our prices competitive.
Our truck is capable of transporting vehicles that have a kerb weight of 1.5 tons or 1500kg.
See our vehicle Kerb Weights
page, this will give you a guide to vehicle sizes and their kerb weights.
Non running vehicles can also be transported using our on board wireless controlled winch. 
Most lowered sports cars can also be transported.

Please note we can only transport 1 vehicle at a time. Your vehicle must have wheels that roll freely and steer.

UkCarDelivery.com is fully VOSA compliant. Beware of other companies that do not adhere to the VOSA regulations of maximum weight limits and loading procedures etc.. these companies could get your vehicle impounded!

Below is a short video showing the care we take with customers cars when transporting.

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