Special Services

Vehicle Inspections, Vehicle Payments And V5 Documents Completion.

We can offer vehicle inspections on your behalf. For example - If the vehicle is an eBay purchase and you haven't viewed it yet, we can check the vehicle against the eBay advert description, you will then be contacted either with a phone call or text with our findings before loading.
(A deposit via bank transfer for the transport cost will be required for use of this service)

  We can pay
* for
 a vehicle in cash on your behalf, handy service for online vehicle purchases. V5 documents and vehicle receipts can be completed on your behalf, and forwarded on via the post or handed over on delivery. 
*If payment for a vehicle on your behalf is required your money must be transferred to our bank account before the day of transport (minimum 2 days before) so the funds can be withdrawn, full receipt will be given.  


Getting A Quote

If you would like a FREE no obligation quote, please complete our online 3 Minute Quote form.
It takes less than 3 minutes to complete, this form gives us all the information we need to provide you with an accurate quote.

Alternatively you can email John the following details
- vehicle make & model, runner or non-runner, collection and delivery post codes and I will reply with my best price.
Or you can ring or text John on
07845 075068

For an accurate quote ideally we need the collection and delivery post codes.
It is possible to quote using closest towns / cities, but the price can vary sometimes due to mileage differences.

All quotes are valid for 14 days from the day you are quoted your price. After that a re-quote might be necessary.

Confirming A Booking

To confirm a booking with us, we will need the collection and delivery address's in full including post codes.
Also needed are the names and contact phone numbers for those address's.
Some long haul jobs may require a deposit via bank transfer before the day of transport.

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