Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The vehicle to be transported

1. (a) Non driving vehicles must roll freely, steer and have inflated tyres. Automatic vehicles must be able to select neutral. We must be informed of any modification from standard manufacture. E.g. lowered ride height, spoilers / side skirts etc...

(b) We must be informed of the vehicle make, model and year of manufacture so we can check the kerb weight of the vehicle. 

The maximum legal weight limit our truck can carry is 1500kg or 1.5 tons. 

No vehicle will be transported above our legal weight limit.

Quotes / Booking

2. (a) Quotes are usually replied to within a 12 hour period, depending on our work load. Our quotes aim to be the fairest price possible. 

(b) Please bear in mind we are based in Essex so therefore our price quoted depends on the vehicle location in the country.

Collection and delivery post codes will be required for us to provide you with the most accurate quote. If only approximate locations are given for the quote, then a guide price will be given as the quote. A re-quote will be issued once we have the collection and delivery post codes. The price may vary up or down due to a possible difference in the mileage. 

Your booking can only be confirmed once we have the details we require. These details are normally collection and delivery full address's including post codes, names and contact phone numbers for those address's. Other jobs may require additional information. 

(c) You will receive a confirmation of your booking via email, text or phone call depending on your reply preference. Until you receive your confirmation of your booking from us, the job is not secured. 

Day of vehicle transport / Payment

3. (a) We will provide an approximate ETA collection and delivery time during booking, a more accurate ETA from the sat nav will be given via text or phone call once the vehicle is loaded. We aim to collect / deliver within a 10 minute window of our approximate time.  If we experience an un-expected delay you will be informed at the nearest opportunity on the new collection / delivery time. We aim to provide a professional, courteous and prompt service so therefore there must be somebody at the collection / delivery address at the agreed time. If there isn't then extra fees may apply.

(b) Collection and delivery maybe cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. E.g snow, ice, high winds, flooding etc...

You will be informed ASAP if the job is to be cancelled.

(c) We will provide an invoice on vehicle delivery. Cash on delivery is our preferred payment. 

Other payment options are available. Other payment methods must be agreed prior to car transportation.

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